What is Nuru massage ?

Many beginners in kinky massages wonder what is Nuru. This great entertainment came to us from Asia and Latin countries, and is in fact a body-to-body massage when both are naked. 

There are different specialties of it such as foamy Nuru, threesome Nuru with two sexy girls on you, mature Nuru, and many others. Of course, it leads to a marvelous full service at the end. 

The overall impression is the closest to natural GFE and real sex, so no wonder most male customers want exactly this kind of massage. Ask in your RubMaps massage parlor whether they provide it.

What is Nuru massage exactly?

Nuru is also known as Shiatsu Massage in Japan and is sometimes used interchangeably with Western massage. This article covers what exactly are Nuru massage and why it is important that you learn how to give a great massage like a professional masseuse.

Nuru massage is a massage therapy technique from Japan that utilizes a finger-pressure system in order to work the muscles and connective tissue. In other words, instead of using long strokes and gentle rubbing, the masseuse will use quick, targeted pressure on specific areas of the body. The techniques used in Nuru massage therapy are used to restore and stimulate the nervous system, and relieve muscle tension and pain. Nuru massage is meant to improve blood circulation, ease aches and pains, relieve tension in the muscles and even increase overall health and energy.

If you want to give a great massage

Like a massage therapist, you need to learn how to give a Nuru massage, and be familiar with all of its benefits and advantages. For one thing, you should not have to worry about being able to find the right kind of massage oil or lotion for this type of massage. It is all self-sufficient. The massage oil that you use will penetrate the skin easily, and there is no need to worry about any kind of mess or stains at all. Your body will be totally clean and healthy after your massage therapy session.

In addition to being extremely clean and fresh, a woman massage has the added benefit of being extremely sensual and erotic. If you think about it, a woman massage is much more intimate than a man’s massage. In fact, most women would actually prefer it over the man because a man’s massage can get kind of boring after a while. You get a bit of relaxation, but there is nothing else to really sink in and get focused on. A woman massage gives you both focus and enjoyment.

Benefits of Nuru massage

One of the main reasons that many people feel squeamish about giving a massage to another person is simply because they do not like the idea of their body being manipulated. But when you give a woman massage, you will actually find that your body is very willing to have other people touch it. The massage therapist will use their hands and fingers to give the massage, which helps to bring the parts of your body that may feel stiff and sore to the surface. This allows the muscles to loosen up a bit, and you will not feel the stiffness or soreness from having to exert so much effort in order to get your body to relax.

There are a few different types of what is pure massage, and each type is meant to do something different for the person getting the massage. You may need to go to a massage therapist to find out which type you would like, and there are also books that can help you learn the various strokes and techniques. Some massage oils are more soothing than others, and if you want to make sure that you are receiving a full-body massage, then you should get a massage oil that will help you relax the entire body. With what is nuru massage, you will receive a full body massage that is soothing and enjoyable.


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