RubMaps Happy Ending Massage Tutorial and Escort Listings 

Find out how to have a HE experience on RubMaps USA with best call girls and kinky masseuses. Become a pro in massage parlor choosing for HJ and CBJ

RubMaps Catalog

rubmaps massage

In 1990s, massage parlors with extra services were a typical trait of Thailand and other sex tourism centers. Then someone thought, why not to organize the same locally and make some business. 

In any case, bodyrub places grew super popular since. They can be found in any big western city, but lately, also in each populous borough. Such a complex chain needed to be organized in a map. 

Among various hookup and escort listings, RubMaps stands out due to its unique info and effectiveness. It indeed lists the kinky massage spots on the map that exist and serve their clients. 

RubMaps com Reviews

Adult scene in US is huge and diverse, and some structuring always helps. Sites like UsaSexGuide are basing their feedback and analysis on RubMaps com, which is a good sign. 

Most hookup seekers rate it high and apply the suggested knowledge gladly. Massage parlors are rarely shady, plus their ads can always be compared to Google reviews from real visitors. 

“RubMaps is kind of helpful when you want happy ending”, Don from Seattle thinks. “It just shows the closest massage parlor to your current location and then you check it out on the Internet. 

Most times, I succeeded with my visits since the owners or masseuses aren’t interested in the fraud. They need to pay their rent and get more customers, so they’re doing their sexy best seriously”. 

“I’m always reading other RubMaps com reviews before giving it a go”, Serge from Orlando admits. “Had plenty of happy endings and even BBFS thanks to that. Folks recommend best girls for bodyrubs. 

There are always special hints on extra tips, secret rooms and curtains in a parlor, other tricks helping you to get more for the same amount of money. This is how I’m spending my naughty weekends”. 

RubMaps near me

The site RubMaps works in such a way that each new user’s location is detected automatically. So, once he googles or enters it, he sees his city listings first and then most popular ones. 

Since the giant cities remain the leaders in bodyrub business, the easiest is to find the suitable options there. But RubMaps near me like Asian SPAs and kinky massage parlors are getting available in each area. 

  • NYC – 860 MT
  • LA – 650 MT
  • Las Vegas – 490 MT
  • New Jersey – 370 MT
  • Arkansas – 160 MT

The numbers are rough for 2021/2022 and may keep on increasing monthly. Busy people are seeking some relief in between their hectic days, as well as the trendy sex positive lifestyle. 

Under the words massage parlor, an exact little saloon is meant with the specialized tables and other equipment, good sanitary conditions, an assortment of oils and creams, and a staff of 3+ people. 

RubMaps login

Unlike other escort listings that have a log in system for sex workers but not the visitors, RubMaps requires the audience to enter the site. The logging in process is pretty simple and intuitive. 

One should type his unique username, the password for RubMaps login, the access to the bodyrubs addresses is given instantly. No additional phone or email confirmation is needed for entering. 

  1. Preferred locations. Indicate them so you’ll be updated about the parlors nearby. 
  2. Friends list. Helps to make kinky contacts within the site. 
  3. Messages. It’s convenient to chat in advance with the parlors and girls performers. 
  4. Your reviews. The feedback you left on SPAs pages, is seen in this section. 
  5. Profile visitors. Massage workers might check on you to promote their services. 

Most RubMaps users appreciate the simple log in process and the profile structure, saying the eventual result is worthy of these efforts. The whole site is very well organized, and reasonable. 

RubMaps alternatives

The sites like RubMaps, aren’t many. Since these are not the average escort listings but the HE massage ones, only a few adult apps and forums actually specialize in that. 

Massage parlors in the database 

Bedpage 1.5
Adult Search0.8
UsaSexGuide 0.9
Spa Hunters 1.2
Erotic MP0.6

Along with that, note that RubMaps alternatives like BedPage and Adult Search are exactly MP datatabases. While UsaSexGuide and other two are the forums where MP visitors share their reviews. 

All of these platforms contain the erotic SPAs names, addresses, and particular masseuses info. So it’s very hepful anyway to someone who need a detailed HE guide on his home city. 

What is Nuru

Again, Nuru massage used to be a typical feature of Asian SPAs. But in 2000s, it started to spread over the world and become a part of any multionational parlors in the West. 

Men’s opinions can be different, some find Nuru annoying and want their oil bodyrab for intimate parts only. While others are disappointed if this body-to-body massage isn’t performed. 

“Nuru is my very favorite on RubMaps”, George from Okc confesses. “I never ever go to the parlor if it isn’t guaranteed. I surely prefer curvy Latina chicks massaging me with their bodies. 

Another thing is that some workers get tricky and leave their pants on until you pay extra. I try to visit the same girls who already proved to be all-naked in the process as they know what is Nuru”. 

“I personally loved the authentic Nuru with the soap foam in Thai saunas”, Fred from Vegas recalls. “Now it’s simplified to the maximum in modern massage parlors we’re having on each corner. 

Regardless, I’m still attending Asian SPAs only, even though in Las Vegas. They still remember what is Nuru massage originally, and often combine it with the sauna services”. 

RubMaps Chicago

Chicago seems to be a capital of the entertainment since its foundation. No wonder the bodyrub saloons have infested it like mushrooms growing here and there. The quality is usually good though. 

Top Chicago borough list for MP

  • North Side – 34%
  • Rogers Park – 23%
  • West Ridge – 18%
  • Lincoln Park – 14%
  • Austin – 11%

Such a good HE massage saturation in each particular district is a perfect addition to nightclubs and the rest of entertainment spots. RubMaps Chicago is the best MP guide. 

One should be aware though not all community areas are equally safe. Some are more criminal and others less, so, always read the escort reviews before planning your adventure. 

RubMaps Houston

Houston has its own specialties when it comes to call girls and massage parlors. Those are interracial hookups, striptease extra services, mixed threesomes, and much more to surprise you with. 

Although the area is filled with Asian and African American SPAs, there are several ones especially loved by the visitors we’d like to share with you. Check up their reputation and ratings. 

  1. Massage Heaven Houston
  2. Latina Massage Houston 
  3. Angel Touch Houston
  4. Charming Day Spa
  5. A Asian Massage 

These ones are definitely meant for HE and more profound services for the client’s satisfaction. Presented on RubMaps Houston just as their workers separately, they show great results. 

RubMaps San Diego

San Diego is a unique location on RubMaps that offers all possible categories of kinky massages. Despite a big variety, a few HE workers remain in the top for months. 

RubMaps San Diego best rated masseuses 

JW SPA 41%
Mia’s Massage Place 24%
Flanders 12%
Ocean Breeze Massage 12%
Massage by Cashe 11%

Some male visitors discuss on UsaSexGuide and other forums, whether it’s good when a massage worker or an escort girl are top popular. On one hand, it guarantees their good service. 

On another hand though, it shows they might be having too many clients throughout the day, which isn’t suitable for jealous or squeamish guys. In this case, just go for CBJ and think less. 

Another solution is choosing the youngest workers only who manage to look fresh and committed regardless of their activities. RubMaps San Diego provides enough options to select from. 

RubMaps Dallas

There is one interesting nuance regarding RubMaps Dallas, experts say. It’s typical for Dallas massage parlors to indeed combine real Asian techniques with HE and MT services. 

It explains why most places advertised there, have the names like Royal Foot Massage or Hawaii Thai Spa. This perfect combination of professional massages and amateur bodyrubs is breathtaking. 

“I go to RubMaps Dallas MP each time I am on a business trip there”, David from Garland admits. “I do not even bother to attend those in my own town, the quality differs quite drastically. 

I enjoy both petite Asian masseuses performing Nuru on me, and Latina BBW with Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage all-naked. Why not? They need their pocket money and I need my HE, now”. 

“Dallas parlors are a special thing to me, comparing to other cities”, Nicholas from Richardson admits. “I live there part time and I’m divorced, so Asian SPAs are literally my second home. 

As a former sportsman, I enjoy what the girls can do plus to some great naughty handjob. They mostly manage to reduce the pain and get my bones connected like they were supposed to”.  

RubMaps ch

Due to a thorough investigation of all escort listings by the government, RubMaps com has been temporarily down. But since no sex trafficking issues have been found, it exists now as RubMaps ch. 

The site is absolutely must-visit for everyone who is fond of kinky pleasures and sex in public. It’s not exactly the thing, but it’s close to that and many folks enjoy it enormously. 

MP slang to know

  • The business – another name for a big massage parlor with intimate services.
  • The choice – a code word for ordering extras like Nuru, four-handed rubs, or sex toys. 
  • CBJ – covered blowjob paid extra and preferred by masseuses for safety reasons. 
  • CFS – quite rarely performed, covered/protected full services behind the curtain. 
  • MT – mutual touch, can be accompanied with GFE or dominatrix roleplay. 

There’s more to learn, but RubMaps ch and sites like UsaSexGuide are going to teach the newcomers within the shortest time. Naughty girls would suggest their sexy key words as well. 

RubMaps San Jose

San Jose massage parlors are just as popular as all California special entertainments. With one difference, Latina escorts and masseuses prevail there and spice up things with the ethnic exotics. 

Top Providers of Body Rubs 

  1. Tina from 100 Benefits 
  2. Kim from Elegance SPA
  3. Celia from Healing Touch 
  4. Linda from A Beauty Health.
  5. Coco from Beyond Salon. 

A mix of Latina and Asian techniques is awesome, including the Feet service and Bamboo sticks. Most reviews on RubMaps San Jose are very positive and high rated, which promises great sensations. 

RubMaps Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a king city for escorts and kinky masseurs. Not just female workers, but also trans and bi-curious threesome teams are serving the visitors which is hardly found in other RubMaps cities. 

It’s rather cool for those sex adventure seekers who are bored with vanilla stuff and plain massages. A true show can be gives for an average and fair amount of money. 

Best LV parlors rating 

North Las Vegas massage 4.9
Victoria SPA5
Earth Garden massage 4.8
Health Spa 4.7
Garden SPA5

These leaders in HE serving remain in the top for such a long time, taking that Victoria SPA consists of shemale workers for 50 perecent and Garden SPA is actually a place for duo Nuru. 

RubMaps Seattle

Interestingly enough, RubMaps Seattle mostly offers the bodyrub SPAs that are affiliates of the bigger US chains. For instance, the Oasis or Envy chains. Yes, the masseuses are special and unique in a way. 

“No city has such a huge variety of bodyrub options”, Ed, 32 thinks. “It’s a paradise for singles and open-minded couples who don’t want to limit themselves in anything. 

The prices are somewhat higher than in other cities, but the services are rather elite too. It means, more spacious SPAs, model-looking masseuses, fancy roleplay costumes they wear. 

I honestly prefer RubMaps Seattle to any other US parlors. I can get any kink I wish, without being tricked or judged, in a neat place where everyone is welcoming. It’s my usual Friday activity”. 

RubMaps Orlando

A typical trait of Orlando bodyrub business is to combine different escort categories and kinky techniques at one place. This strategy makes RubMaps Orlando crazily popular and demanded. 

The determination of local sex workers is impressive, the five star rating isn’t rare there at all. Yet, there is a Top 5 list of people’s favorite places that are going to blow you away with pleasure. 

  • Pink Massage. Young beautiful girls and a real relaxing massage along with HE. 
  • U Massage. A session is a bit too brief but everyone admits a complete satisfaction. 
  • BluePeak Massage. Pretty young women very committed to serve their best. 
  • My Soothing Touch SPA. Best Asian girls who allow MT and offer great HJ. 

RubMaps Sacramento

As RubMaps Sacramento users report, the masseuses who work in this city parlors can also be met in other places of entertainment. Such as strip clubs, sex shops, and kinky model communities. 

No wonder it raises people’s interest and provides the keener pleasure while visiting. When a dancer visited last night for a private dance, also massages you for HE in the morning, it’s kind of cool. 

Here are the tips that’ll provide you with such many-sided encounters and multiple services. 

  1. Always ask for a girl’s scenic nickname. Then you’ll find her in several places. 
  2. Be generous with the tips. If she remembers you, she’ll set up an appointment. 
  3. Leave positive reviews on her HJ and the rest. When flattered, they’re more diligent. 
  4. Talk directly, not through the boss. Some girls like sharing secrets and serving extra. 
  5. Bring your friends. Make her happy too with the new clients, then expect a reward.